Global Edge 'Ready for change?' Survey 2017

Global Edge 'Ready for change?' Survey 2017

With Article 50 being triggered last month and an election on the horizon, performance consultancy Global Edge ran a survey to find out what the UK workforce really think about the impact of change at work.

The ‘Ready for change? survey (April 2017) has revealed that Brexit is indeed one of the top three areas for concern by the UK workforce - and a third believe it will directly lead to job losses - plus there were some real worries around the pace of change in general and the impact on personal and organisational productivity.

Here were some of the results...

Cost-cutting, Brexit and restructuring/redundancy are most likely to have detrimental impact on UK organisation's productivity (now or in the near future).

*Top economic, political or environmental challenges

Over half of the UK workforce are concerned as to whether their organisation can support the current pace of change.

Two-thirds of the UK workforce say their productivity is negatively impacted when going through a period of change at work.

Over half of the UK workforce say there are not enough direct and honest conversations (particularly with senior leaders) at work. 

Losing "my sense of control" negatively impacts the highest percentage of people (in relation to performance) but feeling "unsupported by colleagues, managers or senior leaders" has the most significant negative impact (felt by over half of respondents).

Finally, with article 50 having just been triggered, over a third of the UK workforce think that Brexit will make job losses more likely (8% think there will be job creation, 31% were unsure and a quarter think there will be no impact).


About the survey respondents:

If anyone has any questions about the research, or would like to attend the Global Edge free insight event on the 25 May in London (aimed at Senior Leaders/HR Directors/L&D Directors who are responsible for leading their organisation through a period of growth and change), they can register for the event for free here


Monday, 24 April 2017

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