German BURGER KING® recruitment campaign. Bold? Or Bonkers?

German BURGER KING® recruitment campaign. Bold? Or Bonkers?


We really enjoy sharing stories about how companies are tackling recruitment differently. But this latest German campaign to attract new team members takes the biscuit (you may want to put on some light listening musing – like Prodigy – whilst reading the rest of this).

So, what’s it all about? The creative rationale for the latest German BURGER KING® campaign is all about fire and that restaurant teams spark off the fire within the grills every day to serve flame-grilled burgers to the guests. OK, all good so far. They want their teams to be as fired-up about their brand as the company is. Got it.

And the next step, apparently, is that they want to take this passion and make it an essential part of the latest employer branding campaign. Yeah, okay. It’s all in the execution after all.

And this is where it takes a turn for the weird (in our book). In a bid to tap into a young audience, they’ve used images of people from all around the world using fire in very different (and in their words), ‘questionable’ ways. Oh boy.

Take this first image.

Instead of lightening Bengal lights in stadiums or celebrating the fire festival in Valencia, BURGER KING® asks all the people with such a blistering passion to rather apply and work at BURGER KING®.

Another motif shows a person igniting large puppets at the fire festival in Valencia in Spain.

The third motif is a fire-breathing girl in Brazil fighting for better living conditions.