GDPR and its effect on student recruitment

GDPR and its effect on student recruitment

Ready or not, the new legislation will become effective in just a couple of months. Even if the student market isn’t really your area, the good people of RMP Enterprise have put together a natty little blog that will give you just enough to know your GDPR ABCs.

It tells you what GDPR is about; how GDPR will impact student recruitment; why you need to be compliant and how; what consent is and how best to go about it; accessibility to data and why you should sense-check what data you hold.

It’s serious business. More to the point, if you’re not toeing the line, you could be subject to a hefty fine.

See to read the article in full. 


Thursday, 22 March 2018

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Simon Bracewell Date: Mar 27, 2018

or come along to the CIM Higher Education Group GDPR event in Manchester on 11th April ...

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