Final Fantasy: Hot Sumner

Final Fantasy: Hot Sumner


Another season of Fantasy Football has drawn to a close and this year’s winner regains the title of Ri5 champion after finishing second last year. Dominic Sumner of Yemen, and also OME, has topped the Ri5 fantasy football league for the fourth time in the last five years with an admirable 2,377 points with his team, Onlinemediachumps.

Remarkably, Dominic’s team can also claim to have finished top from all of the Yemeni teams and 1,238th worldwide (from just under 6 million participants). Ri5 doffs its cap and offers congratulations, if no tangible prize.

Making up the top five were David Dagger’s César Salah (2,322 pts), Ross Davies’ Roger’s Club Foot (2,286), Stephen Divers’ Guilty Sigurdsson (2,232) and Darren Cox’s Bunch of Cox (2,227).

Thanks to all who took part and please look out for next season’s competition.

If you’d like to sponsor next year’s competition please contact (13th with 2,166 points, 212,806th worldwide)

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

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dominic sumners Date: May 16, 2018

Cheers for organising - definitely my greatest life achievement. Instead of concentrating on this critical competition - disappointingly I will now have to talk more to my family, colleagues and friends.

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