Ever heard of Dare.Win? 
Take 5. It’s most entertaining.

Ever heard of Dare.Win?
Take 5. It’s most entertaining.


You know we love it when we come across a campaign that pushes those cheeky boundaries. Which is why we were just a little bit excited when we came across Dare.Win’s new intern campaign.

They specialise in entertainment (their high-profile client list includes Netflix, Spotify, PlayStation, Ubisoft, YouTube, Joon, Marie Claire and it goes on). So, when they needed a couple of 6-month Paris-based interns of their own (they also have an office in Berlin), they wanted them to be passionate about entertainment too. That’s why they decided to do something a little different.

As PlayStation is a client, they thought it would be fun to use that brand to tap into the intern market by using one of the most-played free online games right now, Fortnite.

Potential applicants are asked to add @DarewinFr on PSN and Dare.Win will schedule a game. Within the game, they’re then asked a number of job-related questions, as well as about entertainment, hobbies and their life. It’s a relaxed environment where candidates can express themselves freely. They also get to watch how the players handle themselves in the game. It’s not about being pro-players (as that’s not a job requirement), but more about how they deal with problems and their decision-making skills.  And for those who really aren’t gamers, they can always send their application to IDontPlayFortnite@darewin.fr

It’s quirky. It’s relevant. It’s engaging. It’s current. But did it work?

It depends on how you measure success. Has it done their employer brand no end of good? Absolutely. 100% yes. But have they found the right candidate yet? Not yet. That said, they’re still looking.

Damien Foui, creative director at Dare.Win said, “At Dare.Win, our passion is entertainment but also to entertain people. We always think that a good experience is the best memory [for a brand or for a user]. We always recruit our talents through uncommon ways. It makes the challenge more exciting and so much more funny for both sides, compared to a basic job interview."

“The way someone plays can say a lot about their personality, especially about decision-making and how they deal with problems.”

 “We are looking for people that are cool enough to join us in an untraditional way, but also people from all over the world," said Foui.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

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