Equal pay ruling 'adds to the woes of businesses'

Equal pay ruling 'adds to the woes of businesses'

The Telegraph's jobs editor Louisa Peacock says the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court on how and when employees can bring equal pay claims may be good news for workers but it will be a major headache for businesses trying to weather the grim economic climate.

The landmark ruling by the Supreme Court over equal pay claims means that the time limit for workers who want to pursue their employers increases by a huge factor, from six months to six years.

Louisa Peacock,  Jobs Editor for The Telegraph, says the ruling will be good news for workers who "feel they've been unduly paid...we could see thousands of workers benefit from this ruling today."

But for businesses, particularly smaller enterprises struggling in the tough economic climate, the judgement may not be so welcome.

"Employers now have to bear in mind that any employee who've left them in the last six years could now file an equal pay claim, which basically means the system will be flooded with equal pay claims."

The ruling related to a claim by 170 women formerly employed by Birmingham City Council, who were among female workers denied bonuses similar to those handed out to employees in traditionally male-dominated jobs such as refuse collectors, street cleaners, road workers and grave diggers.

This article was originally featured on telegraph.co.uk/finance/jobs

Monday, 29 October 2012

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