Employer branding is not just for larger companies (but they are leading the way)

It doesn’t feel that long ago, that investing in an EVP was – for many – a 'nice to have'. Yet as social media continues to play an ever-increasing day-to-day (and, let’s face it, minute-to-minute) part of our lives, a powerful EVP is becoming essential to attracting top talent.

In a recent report from Universum, a global employer branding leader, and DHI Group, Inc., the operator of online career sites for technology professionals and other select professional communities, they surveyed 2,490 HR managers, marketing managers, talent acquisition, recruiting and resourcing managers from 50 different countries and 35 different industries from January to April 2017 to explore their feelings on employer branding. They targeted small, medium and large organisations. They also compared these against the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAE) – which surveys candidates and students globally to learn which companies are of interest and why.

Here’s a top-line as to what was trending amongst those surveyed.

  • A significantly larger proportion of medium to large companies have invested in their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) development over the last 12 months. The findings concluded that 84% of WMAE’s have developed an EVP, whilst only 67% of large, 55% of medium and 32% of small businesses have developed an EVP.
  • Tailoring employer brand activities to different target audiences has risen to one of the top three priority objectives among leading employers.
  • Social media channels are continuing to attract the greatest increases in employer brand and recruitment marketing investment.
  • Investment in employee referral is also on the rise, alongside a more general focus on employee advocacy with 41% of the WMAE citing this as a primary employer brand objective, compared to 30% last year.
  • Visual content has moved to the centre stage with the usage of YouTube and Instagram increasing by 15% since 2016. Employee photos and videos moved to first place in terms of the type of content most deployed by the WMAE.
  • There is an increased focus on employer brand measurement among medium to large companies with more measures deployed now than in 2016.

And if you’re wondering what channels companies are using to reinforce their employer brand, it won’t come as a big surprise to most of you that that social media, referral and digital channels are the winners.

The top 5 channels that have seen an increase in spend for 2017 have been social networks, employee referral, digital advertising, employer/career websites and professional networks. Yet for every up, there’s a down, with spending in the more traditional channels such as general print advertising, 3rd party recruiters, direct mailings, student publications and events being subject to a decrease in investment.

It’s a lengthy document. But if you’ve ever struggled to explain why employer branding is important to a client, or found yourself banging your head against a brick wall in an attempt to rationalise what value establishing an EVP will bring about to your business, the report will give you some positive affirmation as to why. It probes everything from why people aren’t establishing an EVP (if they aren’t yet); to what the top EVP attributes are around the world; to developing employer branding guidelines. It’s worth a read.

Richard Mosley, Universum’s Global Head of Strategy said, “Employer branding has moved on considerably over the last 12 months with significantly more companies defining an employer value proposition, a continued shift in investment to social media marketing, and a far greater emphasis on employee generated content, advocacy and referral than last year.”

Michael Durney, President and CEO of CHI Group, Inc., went on to say, “The market to attract talent has become increasingly difficult over the years as professionals, particularly those in tech, choose companies not just based on compensation, but on work/life balance, career growth opportunities and environment. Successful employers recognize employment branding as a critical part of the recruitment process as it’s often a company’s first opportunity to show value to candidates.”

To view the full report:

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

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Employer branding is not just for larger companies (but they are leading the way)