Candidates need to be savvy when it comes to social media

Candidates need to be savvy when it comes to social media

Reviewing a potential candidates or employees social media profile is something employers and recruiters have been doing for a while. Many years ago, it might have seemed a bit underhand. But nowadays it would seem almost imprudent not to do so. Let’s face it, who goes to a new holiday destination without first checking out what it’s like on Trip Advisor? (And if you do, you’re braver, more adventurous soul than we are.)

In this latest piece of research from CV-Library, they asked 1,100 UK workers and over 200 recruitment professionals what their attitudes were towards social media and the impact it has on employability. And whilst the results aren’t ground-breaking, it does go to prove how ‘normalised’ this form of sense-checking has become. It also shows how influential it can be in the decision-making process.

78.1% of professionals believe recruiters would judge them based on what they post on their social media profiles. They’d be right to: as 69.3% were honest enough to admit that thy are influenced by what they find online. And whilst 63.6% of professionals said they are actively more cautious about what they post when they’re actually job hunting, there are still 29.5% of them who don’t set their profiles to private. Even though 65.7% of candidates expect to be Googled.

When it came to exploring attitudes about posting photos online, 61.2% of recruiters said that they believed selfies are not acceptable for use on professional profiles (which was almost matched by the professionals, with 60.6% agreeing that selfies don’t look professional – although this figure dropped to 55.6% amongst those aged 25-34.)

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library said “Many employers and recruiters will use social media during their hiring process and it’s clear that they are influenced by what they see online. If you use social media, it’s vital that you are aware of what you’re sharing and that you understand the implications of posting inappropriate or potentially damaging content. When in doubt, switch your profile to full-private mode to cover your back!”

As a result, CV-Library has come up with a bit of a check list for candidates if they’re actively job searching. It may not be rocket science, but with recruiters being as heavily influenced as they seem to be, then caution is always the best policy. Their top tips are:

1. ‘Google’ yourself: Get ahead of recruiters and search your own name online. Look at what you find and decide if there’s anything you don’t wish potential employers to see.

2. Set your profiles to private: The easiest way to ensure that recruiters aren’t sifting through your photos or updates is by setting your profiles to private. This way they can only see your content if they ask to connect with you.

3. Remove anything inappropriate: Take some time to go through your profiles and remove anything that might be deemed as inappropriate. It might take a little while, but it can be very beneficial to your job search. 

4. Don’t use ‘selfies’: If you’re using job boards, professional networking sites, or you’ve even created an online portfolio – keep your profile photo professional. Don’t use selfies.


Tuesday, 20 March 2018

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