Candidate.ID launches ‘Furlough Connect’

Candidate.ID launches ‘Furlough Connect’

Candidate.ID launches ‘Furlough Connect’ to inspire furloughed and contingent workforce and land them back into suitable roles for them and the business, enhancing business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, many employers have had to furlough the vast majority of their staff for an unknown period of time. At the end of the furlough period, HR and talent acquisition teams all aim to land as many good people back into the roles which are most suitable for them and for the organisation.

Some Candidate.ID customers expect all furloughed workers to return to their roles, while others expect to be forced to bring back fewer stuff due to the effects of the pandemic on their business. Several have been using Candidate.ID’s platform to keep in touch with their furloughed and contingent workforces, to ensure they are informed, remain inspired to return to the business and so that the HR and talent acquisition teams know precisely which skills each person has and can therefore easily match people with roles at the end of the furlough period.

Scot McRae, co-founder of Candidate.ID, had this to say on the subject: “Underpinned by the powerful technology developed for our state-of-the-art Candidate.ID talent lead generation platform, Furlough Connect equips your HR and talent acquisition teams with the tools needed to identify, manage and quickly respond to COVID-19 associated risks for internal talent. Furlough Connect demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to managing your employees during the crisis and helps you put preventative measures in place – fast. Visual dashboards provide live visibility of trends across your organisation. With a user-friendly interface and mobile-first design, it has been designed to be easily adopted by remote employees.”

In order to support employers, a 3-month managed service has been developed to provide use of Candidate.ID’s multi-award-winning software alongside expert guidance from the team. Employers simply provide content to fuel the campaigns and are presented with regular data on all employees’ interactions.

Friday, 17 April 2020

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