Businessman helps create brighter futures for disadvantaged young people

Businessman helps create brighter futures for disadvantaged young people

David Pinchin co-founded a brokers back in 1985 called Tradition Financial Services. And whilst some might decide to retire early in the wake of its success, David did something altogether more altruistic instead when he created Leadership Through Sport & Business (LTSB).

Set up five years’ ago, LTSB aims to help young disadvantaged people secure apprenticeships with blue-chip companies across the UK and also works with a number of top football foundations including Manchester City, Chelsea, West Ham, Aston Villa and Leighton Orient.

They’ve worked with 232 young people so far and are looking to expand that number in 2017-18. Already David’s invested over £500,000 into changing youngster’s lives forever, as well as diversifying workforces across the UK. The scheme consists a four-month pre-apprenticeship training programme and a year paid with top firms in the financial sector.

David says: “The great thing is that when we are able to launch a young person’s career with a blue-chip company this doesn’t just transform their life. The effect extends to their family and often then to the local community. The impact can be geometric.

“But while these young men and women of all cultures are grateful for the opportunity and support we provide, they could not have become successful without their own efforts and strength of character.

“We have over 60 employers but can never have too many. The need for more investment and funding from the private sector is obvious. The Macquarie Group Foundation is Principal Corporate Funder and Futures for Kids, the Futures Industry Association Charity, is also a significant funder.  However LTSB needs support from more organisations committed to social mobility, diversity and equality to expand further and help more young people fulfil their potential. At some stage we hope we will benefit from Government funding too.”

Charlee Vaz, 20, is just one of the charity’s many success stories and graduates. She said: “Where I grew up, everyone is either doing nothing or living on benefits. I was stuck in that rut until I made the decision to change my life, and thanks to LTSB I was able to pass my exams and after my apprenticeship I was kept on full time to do the job I love at ICAP.”

And with inclusion hot on most companies’ agendas, LTSB make great partners – offering employers a ready-made solution for new diverse talent where all the sourcing and recruitment is taken care of, saving companies time and resources.

Lyn Rutherford, HR Director, of Carpetright said: “Think about return on investment and creating a pipeline of talent. The biggest benefit is that someone has done all the hard work for you in finding, training and preparing the young person for work.”

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

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