Britain's best-paying outdoor jobs revealed

Britain's best-paying outdoor jobs revealed

As Britain’s summer finally gets back on track, the global job site Indeed has published data revealing the UK’s ten highest paying outdoor roles.

The roles include jobs in science, sport, construction and even film, and six of them pay more than the average UK salary of £28,000.

The two best-paying roles - environmental manager and senior landscape architect - pay an average salary of almost £37,000 a year.

Indeed’s data also revealed that jobseekers searching for outdoor jobs are significantly more likely to look during Spring than any other season. The number of searches for "outdoor(s)" in Spring is 2.2% higher than the annual average. By contrast, searches for "outdoor(s)" in Winter are 6.4% less than the average.  

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director at Indeed, commented: “In our list we see a variety of outdoor roles that offer great alternatives to 9-5 desk jobs.

“Not only do these roles pay well, they also offer levels of mobility and flexibility that are in high demand with the modern jobseeker.Additional benefits such as fresh air, a non-sedentary lifestyle and a flexible schedule can all help employees achieve a good work/life balance.”


Indeed’s data also shows that flexibility is increasingly important for the modern jobseeker. This isn’t just a UK trend - Indeed’s records show that interest in flexible work increased by 42.1% from 2013 to 2015 in nine out of 12 major markets. In the UK, the number of searches for remote, home and flexible working are all up year-on-year for 2017.

New technologies make it easier for workers to remain connected across disparate locations, and as a result more of them are losing interest in the traditional 9 to 5 model. Many want to set their own schedule, organise their own priorities and get the work done on their own terms.

Bill Richards concludes: “The traditional office setting is becoming less appealing to younger generations of workers - but those interested in an outdoor career should keep in mind that the weather is a central, yet unpredictable variable when outdoors.

“Outdoor roles are also known to include extensive travel, in some cases, or to require overtime. This can be an exciting prospect for some jobseekers, while for others it will mean giving up a comfortable routine.”

Monday, 14 August 2017

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