Blockchain-based works with McCann to take it to the next level

Blockchain-based works with McCann to take it to the next level


Towards the beginning of the month, announced the launch of its blockchain-based job matching platform.

So, what is blockchain and why is it considered to be so revolutionary?

Blockchain was originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin. Yet, since then, the tech community have been looking at alternative ways to use this technology. One such company is Essentially, information held on a blockchain exists as a shared — and continually reconciled — database. And the people of are using this principle to cut out the middleman (person) of recruitment. A.K.A, the recruiter.

Step one, the employer has a chat with and tells them who they’re looking for. From this, creates a ‘job card’. This is then posted to targeted sites. Candidates see a role they like, and they apply. Then’s ‘Jo’ (their intelligent content-aware helper) will guide them through the entire process, including help and guidance on their CV. Once they’ve created their CV within, the candidate receives a ‘candidate card’ which allows them to get matched against other suitable jobs.’s job matcher ensures only relevant candidates get forwarded to the employer. The ones the employers like, they add to their shortlist. After that schedules interviews and sends emails… all the way through to offer. And they’ll even keep in contact with the candidates in the probation period.’s fee? 6% as opposed to an average recruiter’s fee of 20%. They even kick back 80% (five of the six percent) of that fee to the candidate as a ‘starter bonus’.

And that’s how they’re using blockchain technology. It’s something that McCann are really revved up about. They’re supporting with a variety of services at both a strategic and creative level, including; the development of the brand, creation of B2B & B2C advertising campaigns, production of necessary advertising collateral and customer relationship management. Their digital team will support by working on the platform, by providing User Experience, Web Design and Front-End Build.

Rob Mustoe, Managing Director of McCann Birmingham, said “We have worked with the leadership team at for a number of years, so when we were asked to help with the brand and the platform, we jumped at the chance. is a disruptive idea built on cutting edge technology and this is a really exciting project and is drawing a lot of attention within the agency. It has the potential to genuinely move the market and redefine what the industry is really about. The business has the right leadership, strategic partnerships, and frankly, the right brand."

Paul Sloyan of said “McCann’s reputation and legacy are second to none in the advertising space. We knew we wanted to work with them from the start and the fact that we will be their first blockchain-based client makes it all the more special. In a space where trust, branding, and legitimacy are of the utmost importance to our community, there is no better partner to portray’s message effectively than McCann. The recruitment revolution we are building is no simple feat, but as long as we maintain this level of dedication towards our goal and continue to partner with those that stand as pillars of their industries, there is little that can get in the way of our recruitment revolution.”

Thursday, 26 April 2018

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