Benefits of a personalised CV

Benefits of a personalised CV


If you talk to many job seekers, you will realise that many of them mistakenly assume that cv customisation for specific opportunities is a waste of time. You might even hear of professional CV writers that agree with this approach.

It is perfectly okay to have one CV that’s generalised enough to cover a wide variety of opportunities and employers, they say. However, nothing can be further from the truth. 

All recruiters that you will ever come across will strongly disagree with the idea that it is perfectly fine to have just one version of your CV for all opportunities. They actually believe that CVs need to be customised to the opportunity being applied for. Writing a CV can be a daunting task, if you feel you need to have a CV professionally written it is best to contact a reputable company.

5 Good Reasons for Customizing Your CV for Each Opportunity

While you can find many reasons and excuses for failing to customise your CV, here are five reasons why you need to:

1. Standing Out from the Crowd

Today, every job posting receives about 250 responses on average, which translates to quite a bit of competition. If you customise your CV to a specific opportunity, the customisation is an instant, important differentiator.

2. Highlighting Why You Are Qualified for the Job 

Perhaps due to the volume of CVs received for most job postings, the first time your CV is seen, the person reviewing it will take about 7 seconds on average to determine whether or not you are interesting/qualified. If it is not apparent that you are qualified, you will no longer be considered.

Perhaps 80 to 90 percent of applicants labelled “unqualified” who were rejected actually possess the necessary qualifications, but those qualifications have been buried among the bullet points in a standard work history CV.

The qualified job seekers hold the assumption that the employer or recruiter will read through their CVs carefully enough to discover their qualifications. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen in that 7 second scan.

If a CV fails to show the correlation between the job requirements and the qualifications of the applicant, those CVs will be rejected along with those of the other unqualified applicants.

3. Demonstrating Genuine Interest in the Opportunity

According to recent studies, job seekers spend 80 seconds on average to read a job posting before they hit the “Apply” button. Employers are also quite tired of CV spammers.

So, if you go back to the 250 submissions mentioned in point 1 above, employers would like to see evidence that proves the job seeker is actually interested in the position and isn’t just another CV spammer who hits the “Apply” button for every position they see.

If you take time to customise your CV to a specific employer’s opportunity, you are clearly expressing your interest.

4. Making Sure that You Include Relevant Keywords for Automated Screening

Due to the high volume of responses for most job postings, recruiters and employers often store applications and CVs in an automated “Applicant Tracking System” (ATS).

If your CV does not contain the words found in the job description, the chances of your CV showing up in the recruiter’s search of the ATS for qualified candidates is incredibly low.

Customising your CV to include terms found in the job description should significantly increase the chances of your CV appearing in the recruiter’s ATS search. Showing up in the ATS search means that your CV will be seen and considered.

5. Demonstrating Your Technology and Business Savvy

Employers want their employees to understand how technology is used for business. If you fail to customise your CV, you demonstrate a lack of understanding of the hiring process and technology thus giving employers this impression of you:

- You don’t understand how to use word processing software well enough to customise your CV and/or

- You don’t understand how competitive the current job market is and/or

- You don’t understand how to leverage existing Internet technology to your advantage.

- None of the negative impressions actually represent characteristics sought after by employers in new employees.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

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