Behind every award...

We were intrigued as to what went into an award-winning piece of work. Off the back of their recent success at The Recruitment Business Awards, Talent Works were happy to give us the low down...

Award Ceremonies. They’re glittering occasions – allowing people to catch up with friends across the industry and network. People might be known to have a glass of champagne (or two). You might even witness some mean moves on the dance floor.

Yet beyond all that, awards are serious business. They give clients, agencies and suppliers an altogether more serious chance to pause, reflect and – indeed – celebrate the collaborative and innovative work that they do.

So, it made us wonder… what makes an award-winning piece of work, award-winning? Talking to Talent Works, we wanted to understand what went into their award for Best Employee Communication & Engagement Initiative for BNP Paribas.

Simon Thomas, Brand and Strategy Director at Talent Works International, said “BNP Paribas was one of the first financial organisations to adopt a policy to promote diversity and prevent workplace discrimination. In celebration of the 5th anniversary of D&I Week, they wanted us to come up with an initiative that would really revive and create excitement around the event.

“BNP Paribas have never been tokenistic in their diversity and inclusion policies. This initiative could be no different. To our mind, it needed to actively change, or affect, behaviour. And it needed to make better use of digital.

“Key to the success of this campaign, was the BNP Paribas Diversity Hub, which housed content, linked to an online event registration form and a calendar, which allowed people to view planned events and to follow the live twitter feed.

“We then used the augmented reality app, Blippar, to encourage employees to engage with the digital platform. This allowed the campaign to reach a wider audience. By scanning the sticker using the app, employees were given options to find out more, pledge via a selfie or use the on-site Pledge walls. It was a really innovative approach to #DIWEEK2016. Each page of the microsite also housed Ted Talks, a TWI animation and a calendar of upcoming talks and workshops.


“Social media was a great asset to this campaign; with the twitter feed #DIWEEK2016 garnering a lot of interest. Social media was also used to share employee pledges, using selfies, Blippar and the pledge cards.”

Evidently BNP Paribas is not a business that’s paying lip-service to the issue of diversity and inclusion.  It’s not an add-on or tucked away. It’s a living, breathing, interactive, getting-people-to-talk-about-it, adding-value initiative.  Together, with Talent Works, they created a platform to bring diversity to the fore.

And the metrics go to prove its worth. With over 1,027 website interactions, 316,451 people reached via Twitter and 4,000 employees interacting during D&I week, people really seemed to get what the team set out to do. It delivered hard-hitting, impactful results.

And that’s what award-winning agency/business partnerships are looking to achieve. Great creative is all well and good. But unless it’s bringing ROI and hitting the initial objectives, then it’s totally and utterly worthless. And that’s what awards ceremonies should be all about. Celebrating not just the physical output, but the research and strategy that’s gone into coming up with something that’s innovative on every level.

And that’s something that we’re seeing in abundance across the industry. It certainly, must make the roles of judges, pretty tough indeed. And quite right too.

This is the first in a series of features exploring what goes towards award-winning work.  For more information contact

Thursday, 14 September 2017

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Behind every award...