Bank wins Fiver

Judges: Chris Bennett of ThirtyThree West; Neil Harding of TMP Worldwide

“This judging's a tricky business, and as it’s awards season soon, we want to be able to stop for a chat with you rather than try and shuffle awkwardly through the chairs and tables of Grosvenor House to avoid abuse. So, as it’s Christmas, straight to the presents. And like most kids at Christmas, we're going straight for the big one first. This month’s winner is JP Morgan for its neatly wrapped suite of posters aimed at the talented discontents‚ ‘those high-performers who find themselves in under-performing roles’. The other work we looked at ticked some of our boxes some of the time, but JP Morgan ticked more – and it's impossible for work to tick all of the boxes, all of the time. (Not that we put your work into boxes, you understand). Did we get it right? You’re the best judges of that, but here’s our thinking on why JP Morgan got it:

Well done all, and thanks for giving us an insight into your thinking and the work that’s been going on in your studios. See you all at the Grosvenor, hopefully.”

Ri5 says thanks to Chris and Neil for judging. Congratulations go to Work and their client JP Morgan. Thanks and commiserations to Versutus and WDAD for coming close, and to everyone else who entered.

The Ri Fivers are sponsored by the UK's largest network of specialist jobsites including,,,, and

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The December Ri Fiver will be judged by Pete Bayer of aia and Ryan Thomas of Barkers. This will be the last chance to qualify for our year-end Ri High Fiver award, to be decided by all 26 judges of the 2007 Ri Fivers – surely the most discerning panel of recruitment creatives ever to be gathered together in one place? Details of the event will be announced shortly.

Closing date for December entries: midnight on Wednesday 2nd January, 2008.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

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