Automation and industry collapse – how the future of work is changing


What might careers look like in 2050? That’s exactly what employer marketing agency, Blackbridge Communications, wanted to find out. So they teamed up with trendence UK, student-focused market researchers, for ‘The 2050 Study’.

Conducted in September 2018, this brand-new research has uncovered how students see the future of work. They shared their thoughts on everything from automation and technological augmentation to the changes our industries face. In fact, 22% of participants believe that the retail industry won’t exist in 2050, while 10% think the same of banking. It might be time for these industries to start addressing students' concerns before graduates stop pursuing careers with them.

As for the rise in technology used in the workplace, one student suggested that microchip implants from employers could be introduced, allowing “people’s productivity to be recorded and assessed like fitness trackers.”

Watch Blackbridge’s short video to find out what else they predicted.

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

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Automation and industry collapse – how the future of work is changing
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