Army recruitment comes under more criticism

Army recruitment comes under more criticism


The Army haven’t had a good time of it recently. Senior officers are popping up left, right and centre to put forward their views as to why the Army is in a recruitment crisis. If it’s not the much-publicised advertising campaign, it’s down to the process.

Recent figures published by The Sun show that 100,000 tried to sign up to the Army last year (which is pretty much double on the year before), but only 7,500 became soldiers. This does pose the question as to why so many have dropped out of the system. Some are laying the blame for this entirely at the door of the recruitment system – with insiders saying that it’s taking 300-days for applicants to go from application to hire.

But what of eligibility? According to The Telegraph, a third of applicants are turned away for being too old, unfit or not reaching the minimum educational standards.  And of those who are eligible on paper and medically fit, how many fell out of the system due to background checks? Equally, what of the applicants who – after finding more out about what the role involves – deselect themselves? Like being a nurse, the Army is a calling. In extreme circumstances, it asks of its people the ultimate sacrifice. Their life.

Irrespective of where the blame lies, it’s clear these are tough times for the Army and their business outsourcing partner Capita. To be fully functional, the Army needs 82,000 troops, yet it is currently 4,000 short. And with 10,000 personnel leaving the army every year (according to The Telegraph), the 7,500 it hired last year is not enough. In fact at this rate, we’re only going to see this deficit increase year-on-year unless someone, somewhere, does something about it.

An Army spokesman said: "The huge demand to join the Army is to be welcomed and our new recruitment campaign and fitness app means thousands of people are applying.

"We are working hard to speed up the process so recruits who meet our world-class standards can start their training as soon as possible."

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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