Application processes leave young candidates frustrated, says report

Application processes leave young candidates frustrated, says report


Employers are not meeting the needs of Gen Y candidates in their application processes and are continuing to invest in outdated tools and systems that leave young jobseekers frustrated.

This is according to research carried out by Potentialpark, which found almost half of candidates have quit an application before finishing it, as applicants are often unaware of how long a process will take and what information they will need before they start.

Julian Ziesing, researcher at Potentialpark, said: “In ten years, little has changed for candidates. This is a particularly big clash for young applicants, today’s students and graduates. When looking for an internship, graduate program or entry position, they are still asked to use archaic job search filters, read job posts with cryptic job titles, and apply through lengthy, technical systems.

“Big employers have invested into efficiency and standardisation for a decade, and now they risk losing the connection to talented young people who simply do not understand this anymore.”

The research also found that review platforms such as Glassdoor are ‘chipping away’ at the control companies have over their employer brand, with 82% of candidates saying they like the idea of checking potential employers using online ratings. According to Potentialpark, this further increases the pressure on employers.

In addition, the research highlighted an appetite among candidates for new ways of applying for roles. Almost half of candidates (44%) said channels such as LinkedIn and other professional networks will make the CV irrelevant in future, and candidates said they would have no problem saying goodbye to their CVs, instead basing their future applications on online profiles made available to recruiters.

Furthermore, in order to stand out from the crowd, a third (31%) of candidates said they can imagine applying with the help of a video. However, just three per cent of respondents said they have already had the chance to do this in an application.

The research also identified the organisations across Europe whose online presence was most candidate-friendly, and reflected their understanding of candidates’ needs. The ranking showed organisations including Accenture, KPMG, and BSkyB excelled in communicating to young professionals and students.

Firms were ranked based on their performance across four major channels: career website; online application; social and professional networks; and blogs, mobile career sites and career apps. 

While Potentialpark said the top two in the table are established and expected players, BSkyB jumped 21 positions and EDF Energy was the biggest climber compared to last year.

Potentialpark added that, at a time of demographic change and skills shortages, employers must be careful not to lose the war for talent by neglecting necessary technical changes and online innovations. 

The rankings in full:

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

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