Amberjack: Bringing Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) to life

Amberjack: Bringing Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) to life


SJTs have been used by employers since the late 1990s. Since then, they’re proven to be top-of-the-pops for predictive accuracy and return on investment. The beauty of an SJT is that it doesn’t matter whether you're assessing core values or critical capabilities, a tool that sits at the front of your process and deselects up to 50%+ of your ill-qualified applicant population is invaluable especially when managing large volumes of candidates.

With the pressure to do more with less, it’s also well worth looking at a bespoke SJT rather than an off-the-shelf tool. The reason for this is that a bespoke tool delivers better results. The initial investment in going bespoke is off-set by the returns you get over the following years. On average you should be able to deselect 30% of applicants in year one and then benefit from rates of 50 – 70% of applicants the following year.

  • Out of all the assessment tools you could utilise as part of your process a bespoke SJT is one of the most effective predictors of future success due to the fact it’s designed from job analysis and is statistically validated on existing employees.
  • The cut-off rate can be increased year on year because you can keep adding to the statistical validation pool with new candidate data from each season meaning that larger volumes of candidates are accurately sifted out at early stages at minimal cost.
  • It has virtually no adverse impact and is legally defensible i.e. it will not negatively impact ethnic minority or disabled candidates – whereas other tools such as numerical and verbal reasoning that are used to sift large volumes do negatively impact minority groups.

The future for SJTs is immersion. Taking all the power of the SJT and transforming it into a story. Your story. It means the end of flat, unengaging text-heavy experiences of the past. But it’s the beginning of immersive candidate journeys where you can tell your story more effectively than ever before. These are automated, behaviourally anchored selection experiences that deliver a realistic role preview and make the applicant experience more engaging. You’re able to include branding and cultural messages that bring your business to life and differentiate yourself from the competition. Candidates not only benefit from the consumer-centric experience they expect today but you showcase your business as they playout and live your story.

And if you want to visualise what that means, here’s a short video they’ve put together to show you just how impactful it can be. Enjoy. 


Wednesday, 28 March 2018

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