Almost half of older jobseekers are unemployed

A new study shows that jobseekers aged 55-64 are twice as likely to be looking for work because of redundancy than younger people.

The research also shows that, of the older jobseekers, almost half are unemployed, compared to 13% of younger jobseekers. 55-64 year olds are also more likely to have been out of work for more than 2 years.

Jobsite’s study of 17,000 candidates of all ages highlights the experience of older job seekers in their search for a new role. Jobsite concludes that looking for a job differs immensely by age, with older candidates seemingly getting a rougher deal.

The study also suggests that while older candidates are more likely to search for jobs several times a day, giving their search a sense of urgency, they are also 50% more likely to take a year or more to get a new job.

The extended job search period may be due to a number of factors, including employers’ perceptions that older jobseekers have higher salary expectations. Conversely, the study shows that older people are less likely than younger people to be looking for a salary increase or career progression.

What are deal breakers for older jobseekers, however, are things like working closer to home, more flexibly or remotely.

Almost half of older workers are also concerned about increased automation in the workplace and how it might affect their position.

Jobsite’s research also highlighted how 66% of older candidates felt that lack of feedback is the worst part of any job search, while just over half claimed they had no or very little feedback following any application.

The study has compelled Jobsite to put together a definitive guide for older job seekers.

Produced in partnership with industry experts, the guide offers practical advice on the issues and how they can be overcome.

However, there is also much employers and the recruitment industry can also do to overcome misconceptions, improve the candidate experience and take advantage of the invaluable experience and expertise this group of candidates can offer. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

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Almost half of older jobseekers are unemployed