A new name on the August Ri Fiver

Our judges this month were two distinguished freelance creatives: art director Rob Walker and writer Deny Coughlan.  Here are their comments on a small but interesting field plus, of course, their decision on the winner of the August Ri Fiver:

"Ri5 weren't exactly overwhelmed with entries for this month's Fiver.  To liven things up a bit, we toyed with the idea of doing the judges' comments in the style of Shooting Stars.  Unfortunately nothing was going to persuade Rob Walker to don a giant pink babygro and sit behind a drum kit.

Here, then, are the non-gimmicky resulty things.

London Borough of Hounslow
Lovely bit of animation and not at all ‘financial'. And it's a great example of how to create something stimulating and fresh from a ‘not-really-any-different-from-anyone-else' proposition. Cheeky little Terry Gilliam-style images with a subtle wit are a refreshing approach to a sector not previously known to push the boundaries of employee communications. *cough* local authority finance *cough*
Shame that the shot of the Deputy Chief Technical Officer makes him look like an extra from Shaun Of The Dead. You're on a website, for goodness' sake - comb your hair, man!

This one was a gnat's chuff away from winning, and made us wish there were a category for Best Use Of A Clockwork Teapot On Wheels.


Sainsbury's: Store Managers
We like the idea that your local Sainsbury's manager has an intimate knowledge of your personal life. Never mind your weakness for super strength lager and little boxes of fondant fancies, these people can actually surmise all manner of intimate details to a level that makes us a bit nervous about using our Nectar cards.
We don't believe it, but we like the idea of it.
That Sainsbury's font, though: dear, oh dear. "Time to stock up on happies"  isn't a message Sainsbury's should be sending out, surely?

Lifestyle Services Group: Refer A Friend Scheme
Here we have the Susan Boyle of this month's Fiver: an unexpectedly lively, fun, genuinely integrated, cross-media campaign which charmed the pants off the judges. This really is a great example of 21st century recruitment attraction.  It's chock full of virals, plasma screen films, a microsite and the chance to throw sopping wet things at your manager.
Hugely successful and shows how much you can do with a simple idea." 


Our thanks to Rob Walker and Deny Coughlan for judging, and our congratulations to Feather Brooksbank who win the Ri Fiver for August (their first).  Commiserations to Penna Barkers and aia who came close, and thanks to everyone who entered. Closing date for entries for the September Ri Fiver will be midnight on Wednesday, 30th September, 2009.  Again, two distinguished creatives will be judging the competition: Jonathan Richards (Penna Creative Communications) and Russ Hodgson (Point 6).  Entries please to awards@ri5.co.uk - it's free and simple to enter - click here for details.

And finally, a message from our sponsors:

The Institution of Engineering & Technology, Europe's largest engineering body, is proud to be the sponsor of the Ri Fivers and the IET Prize 2009 - recognising true excellence in recruitment communication.

IET Recruitment Media provides online, print and sponsorship talent solutions for recruiters in engineering and technology.

The IET publishes three key offline recruitment titles - Engineering & Technology, IET Student and Young Professional Magazine and IET Engineering & Technology Career Guide along with the IET hosted job board Engineering & Technology Jobs (www.theiet.org/jobs). IET Recruitment Media also offer recruiters sponsorship opportunities for The Young Women Engineer of the Year Award as well as the IET Ambition and Achievement Awards.  Contact: +44 (0)1438 767228; recruitadvertising@theiet.org

Monday, 31 August 2009

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Ronnie Barkers Date: Sep 16, 2009

Once again a glorious turkey takes the prize. However, unlike last month's debacle, at least this time there's no counter to record the (pitifully low) number of hits. Still, you have to admire the desperation of the creatives - a teapot on wheels. Yes, that does it for me in teasing out this job's USP. Pah! And double Pah!

Editor Date: Sep 16, 2009

Not sure that Ronnie has got this one right. The Ri Fiver went to "Splash the Cash refer a friend", which was an instant hit and achieved good results. Hounslow would have got the prize for "best use of a clockwork teapot" had there been one. And Ri5 would like to make "Chocolate Teapot" awards to everyone who doesn't enter and then complains.

Ronnie Barkers Date: Sep 16, 2009

My apologies for not reading the article properly - years of proof reading (ahem) ads before sending them to the publication have served me well! Still stand by what I said, though. And who said I didn't (or rather never) enter???

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