96% of HR professionals say Brexit is already hindering hiring strategies

96% of HR professionals say Brexit is already hindering hiring strategies


The first of LinkedIn’s quarterly ‘Recruiter Sentiment’ surveys reveals that HR professionals are already witnessing the effects of Brexit, due to be implemented in 2019.

Designed to gauge and track in-house HR departments and agency recruiters’ confidence, the new research reflects trends in the marketplace.

The first survey reveals that 96% of HR managers and recruiters are already seeing hiring strategies being compromised with the consensus being that the UK is becoming less attractive to international talent.

44% said that Brexit is making the UK less attractive to those from EU27 countries and 35% have already seen a decrease in hiring from France and Germany.  Sectors that are already seeing an impact on hiring are healthcare, manufacturing, construction, education, banking and finance and retail.

However, 71% still remain very or extremely confident that they can recruit the right talent and almost half have seen an increase in hiring in the first quarter of 2018 created by business growth, more vacancies, more candidate availability and sector specific needs.

Respondents believe that the top factors affecting hiring strategies in the shadow of Brexit are talent availability, business uncertainty, candidate reluctance to move to the UK and international competition.

Recruiters are also noticing a negative impact on international hiring into the UK, both from core European markets and around the world, notably South Africa, Canada, Australia and the US.

From conversations with candidates, 44% of recruiters believe the UK is now less attractive to EU27 candidates and 28% said that’s also true of the rest of the world.

London in particular is losing its appeal in the face of Brexit, with 54% citing that it is having a ‘huge’ or ‘big’ impact and 39% citing candidate reluctance to relocate as a notable factor.  

Jon Addison, Head of Talent Solutions, LinkedIn UK, believes that the Brexit effect and the tightening internal war for talent creates a big opportunity for business to attract top professionals by strengthening their employer branding efforts.

“There are three important steps businesses can and should be taking to address the challenges they face. First, ensuring that long-term hiring strategies and workforce planning are aligned with business priorities is vital. Second, make more of what you already have: think learning and development first. And third, elevate your brand beyond borders. Make it appealing to the talent you need now, and in the future, to ensure your access to the talent pool you need - from the UK and abroad - is maintained.”

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

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Anonymous Date: May 11, 2018

Elevating one's brand by spending more money in the UK with local media will not get around the limitations likely to be in place after March 2019. Labour regulations on hiring foreign EU nationals is the core issue and this requires a thinking that goes beyond doing'More of the same'. Attraction strategies going forward must recognise this as the starting point and adapt in consequence on order to thrive (or survive). This could mean expanding or initiating operations in EU27. And that is a whole different ballgame.

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