22 million Brits don’t use all holiday allowance

A British Airways global study has revealed that, on average, workers in Britain don’t use the best part of a week’s holidays each year.

Four days of annual leave are lost by Brits on average each year, with over half of employees having left over holiday allowance at the end of the period. 64% of those are unable to carry days over and lose them entirely.

Perhaps most alarmingly, almost 70% did not take the traditional two week holiday in 2017, with almost 40% of those saying that they believe it would be frowned upon or is actively discouraged in their place of work. 

British workers come bottom of the international poll of attitudes to taking valuable holiday time, losing the most because of their reluctance to take their full entitlement.

The British Airways survey compared British data with that from India, Japan, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, France, Germany, Italy and Hong Kong. Japanese workers took the most holidays aboard – up to 8 on average in 2017 – followed by India, UAE and Singapore.  

That reluctance is attributed to a number of factors: almost half say they are too busy to take a holiday, while a fifth feel guilty for taking all of their holiday entitlement. One third say they have asked for longer periods off work but have been refused.

Just over a third say they haven’t had a two week holiday for more than 2 years. 

Of those British workers who do manage to take a holiday, 62% didn’t feel that they had an opportunity to properly switch-off, with more than half admitting they spent a considerable amount of holiday time thinking about work and other commitments.

One fifth conceded that they actually dreaded their return to work.

However, overall most seem not only reluctant to take holidays but also to travel when they do. British people took the least amount of holidays abroad in 2017 of any nation. Of those who did, over half felt one week was not long enough, with roughly the same number again wishing they had spent more time at their destination.

More than 80% of Brits revisit the same holiday destination – on average around 8 times.  

Nick Hewer, ex-advisor on The Apprentice said: “As an employer, a happy work force is key to having a happy, and most importantly, a successful business. Employees need time off work to unwind and relax in order to perform to the best they can and it’s shocking that so many UK employees not only don’t take two weeks annual leave, but when they do, find it hard to switch off and enjoy their time out of the office.”


Thursday, 18 January 2018

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22 million Brits don’t use all holiday allowance
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