2016 RAD Awards interview: John Salt, Totaljobs Group

2016 RAD Awards interview: John Salt, Totaljobs Group

With preparations for the 2016 RAD Awards well under way, we’re looking ahead to next year’s awards and in this chat with John Salt, group marketing and sales director at Totaljobs Group, we find out why he thinks the RADs are so important.

Also - although the formal entry deadline for the RADs has already passed, if you haven’t yet got your submissions in and would like a bit of extra time, contact Angela Jones at awards organisers RBI for more information.

So, John - why is totaljobs.com a RADs sponsor?

The RADs have always been the industry’s benchmark awards. You’ll find the leading, most innovative and progressive organisations nominated, shortlisted and in attendance on the night - it really is a celebration of our industry’s finest. We’re passionate about what we do and about driving the industry forward; and that’s why we want to be there too!

As well as being a sponsor, you also dedicate your time as a judge. Why do you feel this is important?

Having been in the industry since the early 90s, I feel very passionate about the sector and I feel it’s important to give something back. As a judge for the RADs, it presents a great opportunity for me to do that. Each and every year, the calibre of submissions just gets better, and these campaigns also give me valuable insight that enables me to learn about different approaches. It’s our duty to drive the industry forward and reward the best entries with the industry recognition they deserve. It’s also a great deal of fun! 

What can you tell us about the judging process that takes place every year?

The judging process presents a different challenge every year. As the industry constantly evolves, recruiters have to be innovative to satisfy the changing behavioural trends of their target market. Since the RADs attract the best in class, as a judge, I’m privileged to see how the industry benchmark is raised year on year.

What do you think the judges look for in a winning entry?

Ultimately, submissions need to distinguish themselves from the competition; delivering an outstanding campaign that illustrates innovation, skill and execution. However, while the campaign can tick all those boxes, judges will also be looking at the measurability of its effectiveness, the key elements that inspire people to apply to that company and role.

Although totaljobs.com is a well-known digital brand, what do you think are the other key recruitment platforms?

Social media is vastly changing people’s behaviour and more so than ever, we’re in an age where this avenue is becoming vitally important in recruitment strategies. Personal referral - word of mouth - is still one of the most effective ways to find suitable candidates in the job market and this avenue has now extended its reach on to social media platforms. The sharing of job postings and candidate recommendations means recruiters need to pay particular attention to this social approach and its elements in their marketing campaigns.

How do you think RADs entries have developed and changed over the years?

The environment we work in is ever-changing – if you don’t move with the times, you get left behind. Entries reflect this; people behaviour, technology advancements, and the media landscape dictate the way the industry operates. The principles of recruitment advertising remain the same, but the methodology in which it engages people differs. The bar is raised every time we celebrate the RADs and this year will be no exception.

How is totaljobs.com adapting to a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace?

Totaljobs has never invested so much into its products, all with one simple aim - to help clients find the best candidate to fill their vacancy as quickly as possible. We have re-imagined our CV database and jobseeker website, alongside a complete overhaul of our traffic strategy, resulting in a 52% increase in applications year-on-year, with more than three million applications to clients’ roles registered in September 2015. Plus, with a huge investment in mobile optimisation and our mobile app, we’ve been able to capitalise on a changing market, increasing mobile applications by 140% year-on-year, hitting the one-million mark last month. This demonstrates the ways in which expert market insight, a dedicated investment, packaged with technological expertise has allowed us to not only follow market trends, but take advantage of them, allowing us to offer greater success for our clients.

Finally, there are lots of awards evenings out there – why is a RAD Award ‘the one to win’?

Having been a judge for a number of years, I can honestly say that the leading industry campaigns are represented each year, more so than any other awards. Winning a RAD Award means being the industry’s benchmark - and who doesn’t want to be at the top of their profession?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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Neil Roberts Date: Oct 7, 2015

Mr Salt - you haven't changed a bit!

Scott Pugh Date: Oct 12, 2015

Nice one Salty! Wasn't that photo taken circa 2007? Obviously can only tell because of the old TJ homepage, you sir haven't changed a bit! ;-)

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