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With Oleeo’s intelligent automation, talent acquisition teams gain the efficiency they need to break the sources of talent wide open to quickly attract, engage and hire the diverse talent they need to drive innovation. Since 1995, we’ve partnered with over 400 employers from around the world to help them attract, engage and hire the right diverse talent that can change the world for the better.

Oleeo helps talent acquisition professionals identify, attract, engage and hire the diverse talent that can change the world for the better - faster than ever. Companies must succeed in hiring the right diverse talent who are most likely to stay and make an impact.

Through the power of talent intelligence Oleeo automatically maps qualified candidates against the talent DNA of top performers and offers prescriptive recommendations that help recruiters fast tracking the right talent and accelerate the time to hire.

  • Intelligent attraction through optimised recruitment advertising and programmatic retargeting
  • Intelligent engagement through prioritised nurturing and more relevant content during every interaction be it sourcing at events, engaging with candidates, interview management or mobility within the organization.
  • Intelligent selection based on predictive scoring and prescriptive recommendations that measure skills, cultural fit, offer acceptance probability and probable retention. Powered by 120 data points, that help recruiters make better informed decisions in a fraction of the time.

Our purpose, passion and mission is to help companies attract, engage and hire amazing, diverse teams that can change the world for the better faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Lesley Edwards
New Business Development Team Manager
+44 (0)20 8408 5767

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